Looking to help your pet?

I have been an attorney since 1994 and have focused my career prosecuting animal abuse, teaching how to handle animal abuse cases, protecting animals and offering healing to our companion animals. Every aspect of my business has a component to help pets. 

Buy the The Oily Pet Book

If you’re looking in how to safely use essential oils with cats and dogs, along with safe methods, here’s your book!

Learn about Safe Essential Oils for Pets

One of my expertise is helping people learn safe ways to use essential oils with pets. Check out classes and videos to help you learn more.


Learn Crystal Healing for Animals

If you are intrigued about crystals, learn the SCIENCE and metaphysical spiritual properties of how crystals can help your pet physically and behaviorally, as well as change the energy in your home for greater balance. When you enroll in a class you will be invited to join my Crystal Cluster graduate community. I also offer an Animal Crystal Healing certification.

Learn Integrated Energy Therapy for Pets

Learn a gentle yet powerful hands-on healing method to help your pet physically and behaviorally.


Book a Remote Pet Healing Session

The amazing thing about energy healing is that it knows no space & time boundaries. Book a session for your pet to help with physical and behavioral issues..