Seeing Past the Muck: Relationships are What you Make Them

The Law of Attraction tells us that like attracts like. When it comes to relationships, you are treated the way you teach others to treat you. If you see things in people that you do not like, then you are focusing on and experiencing low-emotions such as blame, anger, anxiety, and disappointment. Your emotions then teach people how to interact with you.

If you have experienced difficulties with people in the workplace, or with family, friends or romantic relations, people will appear to you based on your beliefs and expectations for them. If you believe that someone will be disrespectful (whether based on past experiences or not), then you will see disrespectful behavior in them. If you believe that someone will be dishonest, they you will see dishonest behavior in them. But if you believe and see good things in people, then the Universe will match those beliefs so that those traits are shown to you. Where you put your focus is where your energy goes; and where your energy goes is what comes back to you. So if you focus on things that upset you, then you will attract and see more of what upsets you. If focus on what you like, then you will see more of what you like.

We cannot control other people, but we can control our reactions and how we relate to others. With our thoughts, feelings and actions, we can instantly change how we relate to people and that, in turn, will change how people relate to us. If you focus on what people are doing wrong, then your relationship with them will be experienced in that way. As Dr. Wayne Dyer says in The Power of Intentions, “As much as you’re inclined to blame them for your annoyance, it’s yours, and it’s coming from your thoughts. If you make a decision to put your inner attention, your life energy, on something quite different, your relationship will change.”

So how do you change your relationships with others? Check out a detailed article that I wrote called “The Workplace is What you Make it.” And while the article focuses on workplace relationships, the advice can be applied to any relationship. To get access, simply provide your name and email address in the box in the right column on my website and you will be given immediate access to that article and others to help you manifest your best life.

Relationships are created by energy, and if you change the energy that you radiate towards others to higher/positive energy, then higher/positive energy will be returned to you. No one can make you upset without your approval, and you can change your relationships and how you relate to your world simply based on changing your thoughts. So take some steps to see past the muck in some of your relationships and you will notice that those relationships will change for the better. And be sure to let me know how this works for you!
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