Status quo systems are breaking down, so now what?

In recent years, we have all witnessed numerous systems breaking down: the housing and mortgage systems, the banking system, the auto industry, the stock market and political systems. This has left so many Americans and people across the globe living in fear of what will happen next. Lack of stability and security financially and in the work place has many people scrambling while planning for what appears to be a bleak future. Social security is not reliable, and retiring with a full pension seems like a distant memory of days gone by. Uprisings are occurring across the planet out of frustration for systems gone awry. Gosh, writing this is very depressing … but what is more depressing is living with these fears and feelings of hopelessness. Are you in that group? If so, keep reading because life was not meant to be this scary.

Looking at recent events through a spiritual lens, we see the breakdown of long-standing systems as progress. It is progress in moving to us to higher and more positive energies and lifestyles, and dismantling what no longer works. The planet is evolving and is taking us along for a ride (whether willingly or not). We’ve all seen numerous news reports of the greed and criminality that has gone along with so much that has broken down. And we are seeing massive uprisings of people who are tired of the status quo. So that’s a good thing, right? What can be difficult to swallow are the number of innocents caught in the wake of the destruction. I think we all know someone who has been laid off or financially impacted in recent years. And oversees, people are losing their lives in voicing their desire for a better future. So how we can say that this is a good thing?

Evolving to higher levels is good, but can be difficult unless you are in the proper frame of mind. Going back hundreds and thousands of years, civilizations and countries have encountered uprisings and breakdowns along the path. It is a natural process when tired and outdated systems are no longer valuable or beneficial. So if you are worried about your future, living in fear, have lost your job, or simply have no hope for a bright future, take a moment to let all of that fade away and simply focus on what is in your heart. Look at it this way … If a genie came to you and offered you one wish to have what you truly want in life (not what society tells you to have), what would that be? When I ask this of people, especially people who have lost their jobs, are dealing with a health crisis, or have a bleak outlook on the future, everyone says “I don’t know. I never thought about it. “

If you really focus on your inner voice through quiet time each day, it is not telling you to purchase a house that you cannot afford or take a job just because it will give you health benefits. Your inner voice may actually be encouraging you to take that leap of faith to write your great American novel, take a painting class, spend more time with family, launch that new business idea, volunteer, or take a respite from the hectic world. Until you know deep in your core what will truly make you happy, you will continue to live in fear and draw in experiences that are negative.  Knowing what your inner voice is telling you about your future is key to living a truly blissful life, in spite of all that is occurring in the world.

I have encountered some experiences in the past several years that, on the surface, would be labeled negative and left some holes in my life. However, I made a conscious choice to do three things. (1) I chose not to panic. (2) I embraced the attitude that everything happens for a reason and I would end up in a better place. And (3) I understood that when one door closes, a window opens. Knowing that the universe abhors a void, it will fill that void. So when something disappears from your life and a void is created, would you rather consciously decide how to fill that void, or do you want the universe to fill it without your permission, possibly with something that you do not desire? I took the time to relax, reflect, and appreciate that the universe was making room in my life for bigger and grander things that were in alignment with who I was and who I wanted to become. Setting my conscious intentions for the future, surrendering to the present, going with the flow, and banishing all worry about the future simply allowed miracles to happen for me. However, if I had fretted, worried, panicked and jumped at the first thing to fill the void, I would have maintained the status quo that was desperately trying to break down so that better things could enter my life.

So if you encounter a situation that on the surface appears negative (job loss, financial instability, divorce or loss of relationship, health crisis), don’t panic! In the teachings of the Law of Attraction, when you panic you create resistance which prevents what you truly want from coming to you. It’s okay to have an immediate and brief panic attack or meltdown. Sometimes you just need to go outside and scream to get the angst out of you. But then relax, let go, trust that the Universe will bring what you truly desire (so long as you know what you truly desire), and appreciate that change is not only a good thing, but it is essential in your evolution as a human “being.” So just “be” and understand that when a system is breaking down, everyone, including you, will end up where you are supposed to be. If you can listen to your inner voice about what is right for you and stay calm so that you are aligned with that position, you will not only survive, but you will thrive. I speak from experience because it happened to me and the journey is really wonderful.

If you have taken this path of trusting and releasing, please share your stories so that others can benefit. If you are currently worried, fretting and struggling on how to achieve this state of mind, contact me for a 20-minute complimentary coaching consultation and we’ll figure out a path to help you embrace the change. Because once you appreciate that change is a good thing, you will never be afraid.

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  1. You touched my soul with this article. If I could shout to the world that everything you share in here is true, I would. Your words are beautifully written and expressed. I thank you for sharing what we all need to learn or be reminded of.

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