Clutter Schmutter: It does negatively affect your energy

I am currently in the process of helping my office (in my 2nd job) clear out hundreds and hundreds of old training binders and other paperwork that literally dates back to the 1990’s. The office is moving to a space that has less storage. For me, I’m jumping with joy because I am the Anti-Hoarder! So for the past week, and for the coming 2 months, I am ecstatic that I get to move through the office like a bull in a china shop, scan relevant materials to become paperless, and then recycle. The photo shows just what was done this past week.

Why I am so excited about doing this? It’s because that when your space is surrounded by so much stuff, that stuff is energy and the energy will become oppressive. For me, when I am surrounded by clutter, it becomes chaos. And when I’m surrounded by chaos, I cannot think, create or have a high vibration. It actually drags me down and I don’t feel well. Does that also happen to you?

I hear some people say that “a disorganized office is an organized mind.” Sorry folks, scientifically and energetically that is not possible. It’s just an excuse for keeping a sloppy space. 🙂 Everything is energy, including books, paper, binders, and clutter. Even an abundance of electronic will create an excess of energy. When you have an over-accumulation of energy, it will impact your body’s energy field negatively. You will feel anxious, jittery, struggle to concentrate and become tired faster. When people engage in “Spring Cleaning” in their homes, they are eliminating the over-accumulation of energy so that the energy can clear. Donating things that you no longer use or recycling items that are damaged will lighten the energetic space that surrounds you, thus leaving you lighter.

When you have a clear workspace, clear home, clear office, your mind will be clear. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Today, clean off your desk and only leave essential items (like a computer and phone). Put everything away (out of sight) and then see how your productivity and creativity is for the day. Then let me know how your day went.

In the meantime, the Anti-Hoarder is gleefully bulldozing through the china shop here in the office and enjoying every minute that the energy becomes lighter.

All my best,


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