Stopping the downward spiral

We all have moments and days where we are caught in a downward spiral of negativity. It’s part of being human. Sometimes the negativity comes from an onslaught from other people, or it may simply come from one statement/incident that sends us on a deep dive into the depths of despair. For those who are deliberately working the Law of Attraction into their life, they may panic even more that this spiral will bring more unwanted things to them.

Here’s something to think about: It is okay to have a bad moment and not be punished by the Law of Attraction. When you are having a bad time, it is important to not criticize or judge yourself harshly for having those feelings. Part of our human experience on Earth is to experience a wide variety of feelings. So when you criticize yourself for having a bad moment or bad thought, that is precisely when the Law of Attraction picks up the negative vibration and matches you to like experiences that make you feel even worse.

Whaaattt????? Yes, it’s okay to thoroughly enjoy a bad mood, a hissy fit, a tantrum. Go for it! And here’s why …. when you bottle up negative emotion, it can cause physical and emotional ailments to embed in your energy field and will continue to send out the negative vibe at a subconscious level. But when you give yourself permission to be sad, mad, angry or frustrated, you take your negativity out of the equation and let it vent so it’s not bottled inside and giving off that icky vibe. On the flip side, when you are harsh on yourself for getting mad, sad, angry, frustrated, etc., that is the negative energy that stores in your energy field and gets sent out to the Universe. It’s that vibe that brings you things that you don’t want.

So give yourself permission to feel the feelings as they come to you. However, let’s not go overboard and become a drama queen, martyr or victim. Vent the emotions, let them go and then move on to a positive space. Stopping the cycle is important and only you can take control of that. How do you do that?

  • Go outside and scream!
  • When you’re driving in your car, have that conversation that you didn’t have.
  • Write a letter to the person you want to vibrationally smack and tell them how you feel (then go outside, burn it and send the energy to the Universe).

Then once you have expelled this energy, re-direct yourself to doing something that gives you joy. Re-directing is a technique that we use when interviewing children who have been abused. When they lose focus because of the difficulty of the discussion, we bring them back to center with a specific question about something they can talk about. So to bring you back into vibrational alignment with who you really are (which is a glorious human being), immediately do something you love. For me, I will write, coach someone into feeling better, go for a walk in nature, sit outside in the sun, read a book, play with crystals, spend time with my cats. The list is endless. This refocuses your attention on something positive and realigns your energy. It’s important to re-direct yourself to a positive aspect as soon as you expel the energy. Because once you create that void in your energy field where the negative energy was, you want to take control and fill it with something wonderful so that nothing else can sneak in.

Give this a try and let me know how it works for you!

Happy Friday!


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