Dance it out: Instantly raise your vibration!

Want an instant stress reliever that raises your vibration? Then prepare to shake your groove thing! I have been an avid dancer ever since I was 4 years old. And while I progressed from the ballet studio to the ballroom, what I have discovered is that you do not have to be a trained dancer to enjoy the benefits.

Dancing is a great way to get a depleted, tired, stiff and cranky body moving. Dancing releases endorphins (the happy hormones), gets your cardio-vascular system pumping, and releases stress to rebalance your exhausted adrenals (your fight-flight glands that pump far too much stress-producing cortisol leaving you like a walking shell of a person). And researchers have studied the health benefits of dancing!

Do these 5 things to feel better:

  • Don’t worry about how you look when dancing
  • Don’t think about whether you know how to dance (this is not Dancing with the Stars, my friend)
  • Find a private location in your home, or be bold and go to a dance club
  • Select a song that takes you back to a joyful time in the past, one that gets your feet naturally grooving to the rhythm
  • And then in the immortal words of Prince … Let’s Go Crazy and Party like it’s 1999!

I have my favorite Bust-A-Move 80’s Songs that I crank up whenever I’m stressed, upset, angry, depleted, or just need an instant pick-me-up. When you dance it out, don’t worry about holding proper posture or stepping with a proper ballroom ball-heel. This is a time to find your inner Flash Dance and spaz out. I have been known to grab my cat for a funky Salsa. Just do whatever comes to mind. The goal is to groove & move until you forget why you started.

I guarantee you that after one song, you will forget why you needed to dance it out. After three songs, you will be on a dancing high. And after six songs, your legs will burn with pain and you will collapse in ecstasy.

Dancing is an excellent way to raise your vibration and pull yourself out of a negative downward spiral. While you may think this is silly or that you don’t have the moves to dance, just do it and I can guarantee that you will feel amazing!


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About Allie Phillips:

Woo woo, says who?  As a Chief Master Catalyst blending 7 health & energy certifications with my lawyer brain, my passion is helping people understand the science and logic behind crystals, energy healing, essential oils, Universal Laws and more. Once you logically understand how they work, you will understand the metaphysical and spiritual benefits and have your ah-ha moment. I am the author of The Oily Pet and The Oily Crystal and creator of The Oily Crystal Master Class and The Crystal Cluster. As a former prosecuting attorney & animal protection expert, I love helping people understand their animal companions at a deeper level, while helping abused, neglected & shelter pets heal. For those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.

What did you say?

Shine a Light experimentHave you ever consciously listened to what you say throughout the day? Or do you speak out of habit? Do you mainly speak positive words? Negative words? Words of praise or limitation?

The Law of Attraction feeds off of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and spoken words. If you have been working diligently on being more positive and happy but still do not have the manifestations that you desire, it is time for you to look at the words that you say throughout the day.

So this week I am putting out a Shine a Light Experiment! This is a simple yet eye-opening experiment to spotlight any negative words that you speak. I really want you to give this a try!!! For one entire day (more is better) from the moment you wake up to the moment to fall asleep, I want you to be conscious of what you say and to write down any negative word that you utter. Be honest and write them all down because it will be transformative (for the better!). Some of the most common negative words to be on the lookout for are: can’t, won’t, don’t, not, worry, fear, terrible, distrust, difficult, challenge, wrong.

It may seem counter-productive to make a list of negative words that you utter, but it is actually a great method to point out how often we blindly utter words without much thought. We do this out of habit. This experiment will make you conscious of what you say and that is a significant first step towards changing your words thus changing your vibration.

When you want to shift your vibration to a more positive energy, it takes more than a positive outlook; it also takes looking at the words that you commonly use everyday. So grab a journal or notebook (one that is small that you can conveniently carry) and get writing! I am eager to see how you do!

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Positively yours,

Me xmas walk


About Allie Phillips:

Allie is a unique combination of self-empowerment coach (Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Life Coach), energy therapist (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and Advanced Crystal Master), award-winning book author, attorney and nationally-recognized animal advocate. Whether it’s wanting more freedom, creativity, loving relationships, financial security, wellbeing, relaxation, or adjusting to the energy of our new world … she looks at each person and animal holistically and creates a well-being plan. She holistically combines these methods to help people gain control of their lives and to help animals live with comfort in our hectic world. It worked for her and will work for you!  She particularly loves helping our animal companions because for those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.

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Clutter Schmutter: It does negatively affect your energy

I am currently in the process of helping my office (in my 2nd job) clear out hundreds and hundreds of old training binders and other paperwork that literally dates back to the 1990’s. The office is moving to a space that has less storage. For me, I’m jumping with joy because I am the Anti-Hoarder! So for the past week, and for the coming 2 months, I am ecstatic that I get to move through the office like a bull in a china shop, scan relevant materials to become paperless, and then recycle. The photo shows just what was done this past week.

Why I am so excited about doing this? It’s because that when your space is surrounded by so much stuff, that stuff is energy and the energy will become oppressive. For me, when I am surrounded by clutter, it becomes chaos. And when I’m surrounded by chaos, I cannot think, create or have a high vibration. It actually drags me down and I don’t feel well. Does that also happen to you?

I hear some people say that “a disorganized office is an organized mind.” Sorry folks, scientifically and energetically that is not possible. It’s just an excuse for keeping a sloppy space. 🙂 Everything is energy, including books, paper, binders, and clutter. Even an abundance of electronic will create an excess of energy. When you have an over-accumulation of energy, it will impact your body’s energy field negatively. You will feel anxious, jittery, struggle to concentrate and become tired faster. When people engage in “Spring Cleaning” in their homes, they are eliminating the over-accumulation of energy so that the energy can clear. Donating things that you no longer use or recycling items that are damaged will lighten the energetic space that surrounds you, thus leaving you lighter.

When you have a clear workspace, clear home, clear office, your mind will be clear. If you don’t believe me, give it a try. Today, clean off your desk and only leave essential items (like a computer and phone). Put everything away (out of sight) and then see how your productivity and creativity is for the day. Then let me know how your day went.

In the meantime, the Anti-Hoarder is gleefully bulldozing through the china shop here in the office and enjoying every minute that the energy becomes lighter.

All my best,


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Present Connectedness

Have you noticed that life seems to be moving faster? Energies are picking up. It could be related to the change in energies as we approach the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar. While some predict the 2012 event will be the end of the Earth, many more believe it is simply a shift in energy, an ascension into a higher vibration. For me, I believe it is a shift in energy to make us more aware of being present, being connected to the Earth, being connected to each other, and being more compassionate.

In the digital age, we can accomplish tasks significantly faster than we could 20 years ago. When I was starting law school in the early 90’s, I spent days in the law library conducting manual research in the law books. Today, I can conduct the same research in a matter of minutes. Society is benefitting from technology; however, you would think that we would then have more time in our lives to do what we want, or to simply relax and “be”. But that is not true for most people. Most people believe that they have less time in the day. Therefore, they multi-task and cram in as many tasks as possible in order to check off one more item on their never-ending to-do list. Some days, I feel like that. So it makes me wonder Why do we have less time when advances in technology has made life easier?

It is this question, one of many, that I believe we are being asked to answer individually as we experience the change in energy. To help me find the answer, I have been conducting an experiment on myself for the past week. First, I have been multi-tasking less so that I can be present and focused on one task at a time. I am a master at multi-tasking and all it does is rob me of my energy faster and make my brain work at speeds that it was not designed to achieve. By focusing on one thing at a time, I find that I accomplish that task faster and can move to the next. It is actually saving me time. So while I am working on paperwork, I do not react to that incoming email; if I am engrossed in reconciling a credit card statement, I ask people who need my time to come back in 15 minutes when I can shift my focus to them. It is calming to actually focus on a person during a conversation rather than being distracted.

Second, I have been taking more opportunities to connect with the Earth and its cycle throughout the day by tuning out distracting habits. When I am driving (especially in the morning), I either turn off the radio or I tune in to the Sirius XM Spa station and play soothing music that calms me. Even if I am in gridlock, I am calm about it. It then allows me to look out the window and enjoy the changing landscape that autumn brings. So many people disconnect when they are driving when it is really a perfect opportunity to enjoy the view. I am also taking time each day to be outside (whether it’s warm and breezy, or cool and overcast) to breathe in more fresh air and connect with Mother Earth. Go for a walk and do without your IPhone or IPod. Clear your mind instead of filling it more stuff.

Third, I have been taking more time for myself. Autumn is a time to prepare for our winter slumber. It’s a time to slow down. I have so many wonderful projects and work that want my attention, I could sit at my computer 24/7. For several months, I fell victim to overworking and did so each evening. I was losing my “down time” and it showed. After dinner, I now completely disconnect from technology and I instantly felt the benefits. Take time to exercise, especially rejuvenating and gentle exercises like yoga or walking. Take time to meditate or sit quietly with your pet. Take time to journal. Take time away from your computer, mobile devices and to do list. The end of the day is perfect for unwinding and you will find yourself fresher the next day.

As the energy increases and seems to make our lives move faster, it is important to set an intention to slow yourself down, otherwise you will burn out and manifest unwanted things in your life. Be present in everything you do. Connect with people, connect with the Earth and connect with yourself. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

How you are handling the increased energies and balancing your life?

Shake it Up

Yesterday (August 22nd), just before 2:00 pm, the east coast experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. For those in earthquake regions, a 5.8 magnitude may seem insignificant. But for the east coast that is unprepared for earthquakes, it was a major event. Even 24-hours later, people and newscasters are still talking about the quake. Thankfully, there was little damage and no loss of life.

I was on the first floor of an office building, with four floors shaking above me, when the quake hit. It felt like I was in a snow globe that was being shaken. It was my first earthquake. At first I thought maybe there was an explosion in the underground garage. Then I thought that an airplane flew too close to the building on its descent into Reagan National Airport. Then I thought “terror attack” like so many other Washingtonians. It was not until everyone was outside the building that the word “earthquake” was uttered. We all stood there in disbelief. “The east coast does not have earthquakes!” was exclaimed by so many. So for the past 24 hours, I have been mulling around why this happened and why here. And while I do not have any answers, I have some thoughts that I would like to share. And I would enjoy feedback on what you are thinking, too.

On June 30th, I wrote about Status Quo Systems Breaking Down and how outdated and low energy ways of thinking and doing business are being dismantled so that we can enter into a new age where we evolve into a society of higher consciousness. So was the earthquake Mother Earth shaking herself to move us along in the process? Was it an attempt to rid the east coast of low energy unproductive thoughts and tactics so that a new awareness could emerge?

Washington D.C. is the center of well being for the United States. It is where laws and policies that impact the well being of every inhabitant of this country, as well as other countries, are created. In recent years, and especially in the past few months, we have witnessed unprecedented gridlock and bickering on Capitol Hill to where any movement or progress for a better America is being compromised in last minute deals to where no progress is made at all. Regardless of your political beliefs, I hear from people in all political categories that they are fed up with the old way of legislating (laid on a foundation of egos, greed and personal agendas) and that we need a better way of doing things. So, again, it brings me back to the question plaguing my mind … Did Mother Earth shake up DC to get us onto a new, more evolved path? I really hope so.

Today, I sensed a different energy around DC. As an energy practitioner, I am sensitive to energy and Washington DC has always had a chaotic energy that never turns off. This is a place where people come to work and work and work. It makes it difficult for those of us attuned to energy to live in an environment where we feel a spotlight shining 24/7. And while I felt the same chaotic energy today, it had a different feel to it. It is difficult to put a label on it other than it felt like people were more aware, tuned in, and that the energy went up a notch.

There are some spiritual leaders who have written extensively about what will happen as December 21, 2012 approaches (the end of the Mayan calendar). There are doomsday prophets who believe that the world will end on that day; whereas others say that those who are open and ready will shift to a new higher consciousness that is more compassionate and peaceful. Other spiritual leaders have been writing since the new millenium that the earth and its inhabitants are in an ascension period where we are evolving to higher energy forms for thinking and living, and those who are of lower energy will not evolve and will pass on. By higher energy, I do not mean more technology; I mean a higher form of consciousness where we rise above pettiness, anger, hate, towards a more compassionate society.

Regardless of your belief system, I thought it was noteworthy today to recognize the east coast earthquake and ponder about the spiritual and metaphysical implications. Is it just one of many natural disasters we have seen this year that are moving certain power centers on the planet to evolve to a higher consciousness? What about the multiple disasters in Japan earlier this year?

While I do not have the answers and likely no one does, it does give me peace to believe that “everything happens for a reason”. And if that reason is to give Americans and earthlings the choice and opportunity to evolve to a higher energy of consciousness and become more enlightened and compassionate human species, then we need to share this with others. Because if we can collectively shift the consciousness of our friends, family, work place, community, and beyond, then maybe Mother Nature will not need to shake it up through earthquakes, hurricanes (we are expecting Hurricane Irene this weekend), massive fires, volcanoes and tsunamis. I hope I am not the only person who says, “We received your message and we will share our knowledge to get others to a higher energy level.”