Essential Oils for Summer

Summer is the time when our minds are on playtime, vacation time, and relaxation time rather than work or school. It’s a time of travel, kids asking are we there yet, and being so wound up with excitement that sleep can be challenging. You’re eating cotton candy and elephant ears at festivals and questioning that decision afterward. It’s a time of rollercoasters, long car rides and plane rides that our stomach may not enjoy. You’re loving the sun and sometimes too much of it. And essential oils can be part of Summer survival kit!

Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit is your Summer survival kit!

It comes with 12 essential oils and a diffuser which every home should honestly have. It also comes with a Thieves Hand Purifier (for bathroom rest stops), a Thieves Spray (for restaurant tables), and samples of Ningxia Red (my daily energy drink).

What’s even better? I will send you two essential oil books to jumpstart your oily journey, and offer you a wellness assessment so that you get the most out of your experience with Young Living. And when you get the starter kit, you also get a wholesale account with Young Living so that all of your orders are at a 24% discounted rate.

So if you LOVE LOVE LOVE Summer and want to enjoy all that you can, this kit is for you. Click here to get started!

Seriously … I use these oils pretty much every day and they will help you have the best summer!