I got a new crystal, now what?

Getting to know my new Red Stellar Beam Calcite!
Getting to know my new Red Stellar Beam Calcite!

Congratulations on bringing a new crystal in to your life! If you are new to crystals, saw one and thought it was really pretty/unique, but are not sure what to do with it, I would like to share a few suggestions to help you get to know your crystal.

1.  Cleanse your crystal. This helps to eliminate any energies that may have attached to the crystal. There are a variety of ways to do this, but the two easiest methods are (a) to place the crystal under running water (only if the crystal has a Mohs hardness of 6 or higher and is not fragile) for several minutes or (b) place the crystal on a bed of sea salt for 24 hours. To determine the Mohs hardness of a crystal, check out www.gemdat.org.

2. If you have a crystal book, you could look up information about the crystal, such as the spiritual qualities and energies, the physical makeup (such as the crystal system), and where it likely originated from. Books that are good to start with are The Crystal Bible, The Book of Stonesand The Crystal Healer

3. Sit quietly with your crystal, breathe deeply and hold your crystal in either hand (see which hands picks up a tingly vibration from the crystal and use that hand). You can also hold the crystal to your heart or to your forehead (your third eye) to tap into intuition. You can either just let the crystal send information to you, or you can feel the physical qualities, or you can ask the crystal to tell you what it wants to convey to you. I recommend doing this once a day, every day, until you feel that you have connected to the crystal.

Crystals for under your pillow
Crystals for under your pillow

4. Place the crystal under your pillow (so long as it is not fragile or too big), or on your nightstand. I like to place tumbled crystals in an organza bag for placement under the pillow. Even when I travel, I always have crystals with me, especially as I sleep. By having the crystal near you at night, you will soak in the crystal’s energies and information while you sleep. You may awake to have information, answers and guidance, or simply feel more refreshed.

5. After you connect to your crystal, be sure to work with it whenever needs or issues arise that the crystal can uniquely assist with. Holding it, laying it on you, having it out in your home are all simple ways to work with the crystal.

6. Do your best to not ignore a crystal; they love to work with us to help. As you grow a larger collection of crystals, though, it may be difficult to spend time with each crystal. What I like to do is place as many crystals throughout my home so that they are sharing their energies openly.

storage boxes7. If you plan to store your crystal, try to place it in a natural container (wood, natural cloth).

8. Crystals love the full sun and full moon, so consider putting them outdoors or on a window ledge to soak up the sun and moon’s energies.

I hope these simple steps will help you get to know your crystal. No matter how many crystals I bring home (and I bring home A LOT of crystals!!!!), I always spend time with each of them to introduce myself and allow the crystal to introduce itself to me. I also let my cats say hello to the new crystals.

Enjoy your crystal!

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