Stop Sleepwalking and Wake Up

I Can do itWe are at the beginning of a shift into new energy. It’s been in the works for quite some time. And now we’re there. Did you know that? Or have you been sleepwalking through your life?

All year, I have been talking and writing about the new energy and energy shift, how it’s causing some people to react oddly (or badly) and discussing various ways to handle it. I’ve been testing various methods and techniques while also searching for answers. This past weekend, I was overjoyed to attend the Hay House I Can Do It Conference for a 2nd year. Gregg Braden gave me answers like he always does.

He started the presentation with a brilliant quote from E.O. Wilson: “We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.” Wow, that is so true, right?

The world that we grew up with is gone. Sorry to be blunt, but we might as well get ourselves adjusted and get back to living. Too many people are holding off on doing things because they are waiting for things to “settle down.” Today’s world and energy is now your new normal. So how are you feeling with this new energy? I’ve definitely felt more sensitive to other people’s behavior and have not had good sleep. Crystals, energy healing, and intentions have definitely helped me. Other people are angry, confused, anxious, depressed, jittery, and coming unglued. So this uneasiness is our new normal? Sheesh, that’s pretty sad. But we don’t have to feel this way once we know what to do.

Gregg Braden gave us a very simple answer on how to live in the new energy.


Not the sort of resilience that we see in someone have after they bounce back from a difficult situation. Resilience now relates to how we think and live everyday so that we thrive during changing conditions. Resilience is the key to wellbeing during the new energy. Resilience is what we must have every day.

You cannot be resilient and thrive if you’re sleepwalking through all of this, numbing yourself to change with your IPod blaring in your ears, your eyes on your smartphone and not on your surroundings, communicating only through technology, and living a disconnected life. You are here on this planet at this time of change. We all need to connect to this new energy.

In this new energy, we are living with extremes (financial, climate, behavioral) that show us what is not working, and change is happening fast because we can no longer deny that our entire globe is connected (thank you technology). What happens in Syria directly impacts everyone.

We have all of the solutions to current day problems right now. The issue is that we have not adapted our thinking to access those solutions. Too many people are working with old energy in the new energy. It doesn’t fit and it doesn’t work. But first, we need to mourn the loss of the old world, let it go, and then you can adapt. Adapting is resiliency. And what I personally love about the new energy is that science is FINALLY catching up to spirituality. What indigenous cultures knew 4000 years ago, we are finally acknowledging. So for the first time in a long time, I’m excited about the new energy because what I know about science and spirituality is meshing together.

Gregg explained that we are now in the New Age of Meeting Ourselves Again. Isn’t that beautiful? The new energy is all about connectedness, oneness, mutual aid and cooperation. The energy no longer supports competition and aggression. So how do we get ourselves to this New Age sooner rather than later (so that we can sleep and feel better)? The answer is again simple ….

Love and compassion.

Gregg told us about 2 women, each at least 120 years old. One lives in Tibet and the other in Palestine. Both areas have seen a lot of devastation. So how do these women stay healthy and vibrant at 120 years of age with all of the strife? Both went through life living from their heart and not their head. They lived and experienced the world with love and compassion.

I’ve asked this before and feel like I’m banging the same drum, but I have to ask. Which would you rather experience? Fear or love? Almost everyone, and sometimes myself included, spend too much time fearing. If I quit my job, will work that I’m passionate about pay my bills? If I leave this relationship, will I grow old alone? This fear, along with other negative emotions like hatred, anger, resentment all lead to physical issues. Our bodies can heal themselves if we let it. But we hang on to unresolved hurts that are now proven to be the root cause of many ailments, including the #1 killer of Americans … heart disease. Where do we store unresolved hurt? In our heart. Make sense?

When we can start to move from our mind to our heart and live our lives that way, we will tip the scales towards compassion. I truly believe that if everyone will stop sleepwalking through walk and awaken to what our world wants us to do, we will dramatically cut diseases that strike us down in the prime of life, we will see an end to aggression, wars, and people who shoot up malls and schools. I don’t know anyone who wants to continue our current reality. So you have a choice to make. Live from your head (and continue as is) or live from your heart (and help us shift the planet to compassion).

I’ve decided. Have you?

If you want to read more about this, Gregg Braden has written several books on the topic. I highly recommend his books. And stay tuned as I continue offer ways to help you move to a heart-based way of living.

Me at Loch Ness

About Allie:

Allie is a unique combination of self-empowerment coach (Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Life Coach), energy therapist (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and Advanced Crystal Master), award-winning book author, attorney and nationally-recognized animal advocate. Whether it’s wanting more freedom, creativity, loving relationships, financial security, wellbeing, relaxation, or adjusting to the energy of our new world … she looks at each person and animal holistically and creates a well-being plan. She holistically combines these methods to help people gain control of their lives and to help animals live with comfort in our hectic world. It worked for her and will work for you!  She particularly loves helping our animal companions because for those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.

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