Healing for Horses

Me with horse
Session with Amigo

In all of my energy healing classes, I incorporate a hands-on practice session for my students. They either practice on each other, or in the case of animal healing courses I have them practice on animal volunteers. Usually those volunteers are my cats, the dog of a friend, or the amazing horses at a nearby therapeutic horse center.

For my Reiki for Animals class, the students get to practice on my cats and horses. I want them to sense the different energy between horses and cats/dogs. Horses are so amazingly expressive when we work with them; we receive clear messages from them (intuitively, yet it is like the horses are speaking to us). They are great at showing us physically what needs energy and what needs releasing. Since it is difficult to explain what that looks like, I created a short video from the Reiki for Animals class this past weekend. We worked with 4 horses and all were great teachers for us. Two in particular are in the video to showcase the beautiful healing responses that they shared.

Permission for energy healingAs with any healing, it is crucial that you receive permission before offering energy healing to any animal (or person). Read my blog about that! I also feel that it is important to receive training on how to properly and safely offer energy healing to animals. Offering energy healing to animals is quite different than people. This is why I have several classes on how to do this: Crystal Healing for Animals, Integrated Energy Therapy for Pets, and Reiki for Animals.

Enjoy the video and all that horses can teach us! And if you want to see other videos of how animals enjoy energy healing, check out my YouTube page where I have 13 videos on animal healing!


About Allie Phillips:

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Allie is a unique combination of self-empowerment coach (Certified Law of Attraction Counselor and Life Coach), energy therapist (Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, and Advanced Crystal Master), award-winning book author, attorney and nationally-recognized animal advocate. Whether it’s wanting more freedom, creativity, loving relationships, financial security, wellbeing, relaxation, or adjusting to the energy of our new world … she looks at each person and animal holistically and creates a well-being plan. She holistically combines these methods to help people gain control of their lives and to help animals live with comfort in our hectic world. It worked for her and will work for you!  She particularly loves helping our animal companions because for those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates.

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