Present Connectedness

Have you noticed that life seems to be moving faster? Energies are picking up. It could be related to the change in energies as we approach the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar. While some predict the 2012 event will be the end of the Earth, many more believe it is simply a shift in energy, an ascension into a higher vibration. For me, I believe it is a shift in energy to make us more aware of being present, being connected to the Earth, being connected to each other, and being more compassionate.

In the digital age, we can accomplish tasks significantly faster than we could 20 years ago. When I was starting law school in the early 90’s, I spent days in the law library conducting manual research in the law books. Today, I can conduct the same research in a matter of minutes. Society is benefitting from technology; however, you would think that we would then have more time in our lives to do what we want, or to simply relax and “be”. But that is not true for most people. Most people believe that they have less time in the day. Therefore, they multi-task and cram in as many tasks as possible in order to check off one more item on their never-ending to-do list. Some days, I feel like that. So it makes me wonder Why do we have less time when advances in technology has made life easier?

It is this question, one of many, that I believe we are being asked to answer individually as we experience the change in energy. To help me find the answer, I have been conducting an experiment on myself for the past week. First, I have been multi-tasking less so that I can be present and focused on one task at a time. I am a master at multi-tasking and all it does is rob me of my energy faster and make my brain work at speeds that it was not designed to achieve. By focusing on one thing at a time, I find that I accomplish that task faster and can move to the next. It is actually saving me time. So while I am working on paperwork, I do not react to that incoming email; if I am engrossed in reconciling a credit card statement, I ask people who need my time to come back in 15 minutes when I can shift my focus to them. It is calming to actually focus on a person during a conversation rather than being distracted.

Second, I have been taking more opportunities to connect with the Earth and its cycle throughout the day by tuning out distracting habits. When I am driving (especially in the morning), I either turn off the radio or I tune in to the Sirius XM Spa station and play soothing music that calms me. Even if I am in gridlock, I am calm about it. It then allows me to look out the window and enjoy the changing landscape that autumn brings. So many people disconnect when they are driving when it is really a perfect opportunity to enjoy the view. I am also taking time each day to be outside (whether it’s warm and breezy, or cool and overcast) to breathe in more fresh air and connect with Mother Earth. Go for a walk and do without your IPhone or IPod. Clear your mind instead of filling it more stuff.

Third, I have been taking more time for myself. Autumn is a time to prepare for our winter slumber. It’s a time to slow down. I have so many wonderful projects and work that want my attention, I could sit at my computer 24/7. For several months, I fell victim to overworking and did so each evening. I was losing my “down time” and it showed. After dinner, I now completely disconnect from technology and I instantly felt the benefits. Take time to exercise, especially rejuvenating and gentle exercises like yoga or walking. Take time to meditate or sit quietly with your pet. Take time to journal. Take time away from your computer, mobile devices and to do list. The end of the day is perfect for unwinding and you will find yourself fresher the next day.

As the energy increases and seems to make our lives move faster, it is important to set an intention to slow yourself down, otherwise you will burn out and manifest unwanted things in your life. Be present in everything you do. Connect with people, connect with the Earth and connect with yourself. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

How you are handling the increased energies and balancing your life?