Shake it Up

Yesterday (August 22nd), just before 2:00 pm, the east coast experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. For those in earthquake regions, a 5.8 magnitude may seem insignificant. But for the east coast that is unprepared for earthquakes, it was a major event. Even 24-hours later, people and newscasters are still talking about the quake. Thankfully, there was little damage and no loss of life.

I was on the first floor of an office building, with four floors shaking above me, when the quake hit. It felt like I was in a snow globe that was being shaken. It was my first earthquake. At first I thought maybe there was an explosion in the underground garage. Then I thought that an airplane flew too close to the building on its descent into Reagan National Airport. Then I thought “terror attack” like so many other Washingtonians. It was not until everyone was outside the building that the word “earthquake” was uttered. We all stood there in disbelief. “The east coast does not have earthquakes!” was exclaimed by so many. So for the past 24 hours, I have been mulling around why this happened and why here. And while I do not have any answers, I have some thoughts that I would like to share. And I would enjoy feedback on what you are thinking, too.

On June 30th, I wrote about Status Quo Systems Breaking Down and how outdated and low energy ways of thinking and doing business are being dismantled so that we can enter into a new age where we evolve into a society of higher consciousness. So was the earthquake Mother Earth shaking herself to move us along in the process? Was it an attempt to rid the east coast of low energy unproductive thoughts and tactics so that a new awareness could emerge?

Washington D.C. is the center of well being for the United States. It is where laws and policies that impact the well being of every inhabitant of this country, as well as other countries, are created. In recent years, and especially in the past few months, we have witnessed unprecedented gridlock and bickering on Capitol Hill to where any movement or progress for a better America is being compromised in last minute deals to where no progress is made at all. Regardless of your political beliefs, I hear from people in all political categories that they are fed up with the old way of legislating (laid on a foundation of egos, greed and personal agendas) and that we need a better way of doing things. So, again, it brings me back to the question plaguing my mind … Did Mother Earth shake up DC to get us onto a new, more evolved path? I really hope so.

Today, I sensed a different energy around DC. As an energy practitioner, I am sensitive to energy and Washington DC has always had a chaotic energy that never turns off. This is a place where people come to work and work and work. It makes it difficult for those of us attuned to energy to live in an environment where we feel a spotlight shining 24/7. And while I felt the same chaotic energy today, it had a different feel to it. It is difficult to put a label on it other than it felt like people were more aware, tuned in, and that the energy went up a notch.

There are some spiritual leaders who have written extensively about what will happen as December 21, 2012 approaches (the end of the Mayan calendar). There are doomsday prophets who believe that the world will end on that day; whereas others say that those who are open and ready will shift to a new higher consciousness that is more compassionate and peaceful. Other spiritual leaders have been writing since the new millenium that the earth and its inhabitants are in an ascension period where we are evolving to higher energy forms for thinking and living, and those who are of lower energy will not evolve and will pass on. By higher energy, I do not mean more technology; I mean a higher form of consciousness where we rise above pettiness, anger, hate, towards a more compassionate society.

Regardless of your belief system, I thought it was noteworthy today to recognize the east coast earthquake and ponder about the spiritual and metaphysical implications. Is it just one of many natural disasters we have seen this year that are moving certain power centers on the planet to evolve to a higher consciousness? What about the multiple disasters in Japan earlier this year?

While I do not have the answers and likely no one does, it does give me peace to believe that “everything happens for a reason”. And if that reason is to give Americans and earthlings the choice and opportunity to evolve to a higher energy of consciousness and become more enlightened and compassionate human species, then we need to share this with others. Because if we can collectively shift the consciousness of our friends, family, work place, community, and beyond, then maybe Mother Nature will not need to shake it up through earthquakes, hurricanes (we are expecting Hurricane Irene this weekend), massive fires, volcanoes and tsunamis. I hope I am not the only person who says, “We received your message and we will share our knowledge to get others to a higher energy level.”