Watching the signs

Throughout our days, we are given messages and signs that light the best pathway for each of us. Most people are so busy simply getting through their day and their to-do lists that they are not aware of these important messages. For those who do observe these signs, they may exercise free will and ignore them. When you ignore signs, you will continue to experience situations, people and events until you finally recognize the sign and move towards it. These signs and messages are the Universe’s way of setting us on our true path.

One method to engage the Law of Attraction in your life is to not only be observant of signs, but to ask for them. If you are currently unemployed or are working in a job that does not feed your soul, simply pose this statement to the Universe/Source: “I am open to receiving signs and messages as to my perfect employment.” By doing this, you shift your energy and observations to look for positive aspects in life. When you are looking for positive aspects, you are more likely to see them and to take action when they arrive. If you are dwelling in negativity, worry or fear, you will only see and attract negative things in life and will not align to see positive messages. Making this shift to asking the Universe/Source to give you a sign, and then shifting your awareness to wait for the message to arrive, you will shift your vibration to a higher level. Doing this will allow more positive people, events and situations to come to you.

Another way to engage the Law of Attraction, to see where your vibrational level stands, and to request messages and signs, is to start your day with this request to the Universe/Source: “I am open to receiving unexpected joyful messages today.” This request does 4 things: (1) It opens your awareness to look for positive things throughout your day, (2) It allows you to live in the present moment by being on the look out for a joyful surprise, (3) It allows the Universe/Source to bring to you what you need most (even things that you may not know you need), and (4) It will show you where your vibrational level stands based on what you notice and receive.

Here are a few examples of how this has worked for me. One day I was feeling uncertain about next steps in my career. Knowing that the Law of Attraction will bring to me what is a match to my vibrational energy, I decided to release all worry and to simply ask “What do I need to know or do today?” When I asked that question, I was driving in my car. I pulled up to a stop light, looked to my right and saw a church sign that said “God wants you to meditate.” I laughed out loud because the message was received loud and clear. My daily meditation practice has provided immense clarity on my work path. Another example just occurred this morning as I was driving. I asked for an unexpected joyful message. Within 5 seconds, I looked over towards a small neighborhood pond and saw a glorious heron sitting on the banks. The animal totem heron stands for self-reliance, connecting to Mother Earth for a source of strength, performing many tasks at the same time while keeping balance, and knowing what is best for me (not necessarily what is expected of me by society) and following it without fear. All of those meanings resonate with me right now and were reassuring as I continue to carve out the path for Manifested Harmony.

Taking a little time at the start of each day, and several times throughout the day, to ask for signs and to pose questions to the Universe/Source will open your awareness to be on the look out for positive aspects and to allow the Universe to bring to you what is in your best interests. And when those signs and messages appear, either in the form of an animal totem, a bumper sticker, a message on a sign, an idea popping into your head, or someone coming in to your life, you will be more likely to recognize the sign and be open to receiving the message of your true path.

If you have received signs and messages and followed them, I would love for you to share your story.