August is the Month to Feel Your Best: Lion’s Gate Energy

August is the Feel Good Month because there is an energy about August that is supporting all of us to feel our best. 

☀️ August enjoys the power of the Sun encouraging us all to shine
☀️ August has the power and strength of Leo energy to give us natural energy, get us moving, motivated and hear us ROAR
☀️ August is a month where you are encouraged to take a long weekend or a vacation which allows you to reconnect with who you really are (and you are not your 8-5 job)
☀️ August is a month where you are prompted to get outside for Fun in the Sun which is what cats like to do
☀️ August is a month to infuse your body with natural Vitamin D3 from the Sun
☀️ August is a month where you are prepping your body-mind-spirit for the upcoming darker Winter months (in the northern hemisphere)
☀️ And August is the month of the Lion’s Gate energy

The Lion’s Gate Energy is open from July 28 – August 12 with the height being on August 8 (the 8/8 portal).

If you were born under the Leo astrology sign, you may be feeling your absolute best right now. Leo’s are ruled by the power of the Sun and it’s your time to Shine! It’s an awesome fiery energy of motivation and inspiration. I’m a Leo with my birthday at the height of this energy and I FEEL IT! (And no wonder I love cats of all sizes)!

But maybe you’re feeling fatigued, achy, fearful, anxious, and all the negative feels.

This is a high frequency energy portal that combines the Sun in its home sign of Leo, the star Sirius rising in the skies (which becomes visible around August 8), and the numerological auspicious meaning of the number 8/8. Add to that a New Moon on August 8 in the sign of Leo. Collectively it is creating a vibration with an auspicious energy.

This is what makes August 8 a particularly lucky day for manifesting success and turning your dreams into reality.

The 88 in numerology also represents DNA activations and we receive light codes on this day from Sirius which is our spiritual sun. It’s a bold energy of new beginnings, highlighting what’s unique about you, your creative powers, it’s a very lucky day filled with inner child energy because Leo’s love to play … we are cat energy!

If you’re thinking, “Allie, I don’t feel any of that. I feel the exact opposite. What’s wrong with me?” Nothing is wrong with you. These upgrades can feel like crap. When you know what is happening, you will ride the energy much better.

But here’s something to think about:

How you feel in this energy is related to your mindset, where you are energetically, and whether you relate more to the energy of the 3rd, 4th or 5th dimensions currently on Earth.

So where are you with all of that?

Here’s what can help right now in the Lion’s Gate energy:

☀️ Be like a cat (rest, relax, lay in yoga positions, play, bask in the sun)
☀️ Soak in the energy of the Sun because it’s energizing and happy
☀️ Get out and play
☀️ Stay away from negativity
☀️ Write down your intentions, dreams and goals that will take you to the 2022 Lion’s Gate
☀️ My favorite essential oils for this Lion’s Gate and Leo season are Young Living’s Rise Above or Magnify Your Purpose oil blends. Rise Above blend can help you create an environment where you can transform negative thoughts into positive and motivating intentions, open up to new ideas, can be used to transform old thoughts that hold you back, so you can rise above to help achieve your soul’s true purpose. Magnify Your Purpose blend helps when goals are not manifesting and you need to shift your energy in how you talk about or believe in your goals (shift from getting to giving). This blend busts thru the energy blocks to release procrastination, fear and get us moving forward.

☀️ My crystal of choice is Stella Beam Calcite, a high vibrational stone of motivation to break old patterns and move forward in new energy.

August is a beautiful month to raise your energy and vibration as high as you can which will then hold you well into the Fall and Winter season.


About Allie Phillips:

My name is Allie Phillips and I like proof, not fluff! I am a Certified Health Coach, Life/Law of Attraction Mindset Coach, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, Advanced Crystal Master, Universal energy educator, Young Living Essential Oil Brand Partner Leader (#1414338), and an Attorney. I believe in empowering people with education that is well-researched, easy to understand and implement with many options for success, and with experience that it works. My passion is blending all of my expertise together as a Holistic Wellness Coach to help people and pets stay well and thrive in our changing world.  I am the author of The Oily Pet and The Oily Crystal and have written several award-winning animal protection books and publications. As an animal & family protection attorney who is an internationally recognized educator on prosecuting family violence and animal abuse cases, and the Founder/CEO of Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)®, I love helping animal companions live safely and with wellness because for those of us who have them grace our worlds, they are our soul mates. 

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