Honey or Vinegar?

We’ve all heard the phrase you get more with honey than with vinegar, right? It makes sense that when we approach something or someone with kindness rather than anger that we would more likely get what we want and we would be matched by a reciprocal attitude. This is what the Law of Attraction means by like attracts like.  So if you are putting out vinegar, you should not be surprised when your life tastes like vinegar and people and situations around you are sour.

If you have ever read anything about the Law of Attraction, a foundational principle is to feel good so that you can manifest what you desire. But an important part of feeling good is to feel and send love out into the Universe. There are really only two primary human emotions: fear and love. Every other emotion flows out of those two. So if you are living and emitting fear, what sort of world will surround you? One that is full of things to be fearful of. Now what if you live and emit love … what will your world look like? It’s just like honey versus vinegar. Vinegar is fear, but honey is love.

Yesterday, I wrote on our Facebook page that I am reading The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. Dr. Dyer says that a primary life lesson for humans is learning to live out of love. And when you do, miracles will happen. He also says change your thoughts and you will change your world. I thought about that and decided to do a little test.

I have been blissfully avoiding several situations involving some contentious people (to keep my energy out of their destructive path). This week, I decided to send them genuine kind thoughts. I was amazed at the almost instantaneous results.  Every situation quickly shifted and resolved favorably, and the people who thrived on being contentious began to relate back to me like a kind human being. I sent them honey and the Law of Attraction, being a law, required that honey come back to me. Brilliant!

It can be difficult to send love or kindness to someone despicable, cruel, mean-spirited, or to a situation that seems hopelessly negative. What you need to remember is that you are not approving of the situation or behavior. But if you continue to view the person or situation negatively, that will be your reality. To help genuinely send kindness to someone or some thing, view them as an upset infant. If you approach the infant with kindness and love, they respond and calm down. If you approach with anger, they rile up the decibels even more. When I did this, I realized that their behavior was coming from fear. Maybe they were afraid of change, afraid of being wrong or making a mistake, afraid to change their mind, afraid that they weren’t good enough. When I looked at them that way, I genuinely found compassion for those people so filled with fear; it helped me move beyond their outward negativity and want to make the frightened infant feel better. And it worked!

So whenever you face a situation or person that you are dreading, stop yourself before talking or reacting and tell your inner child this person/situation needs kindness and love because they are acting from fear and that is a scary way to live. So let’s choose love over fear.

Imagine if every human being approached each other in this way? The world would literally change for the better in a matter of seconds. That would be sweet … just like honey!