Focus within, not without

This is not a political blog, yet I feel the need to discuss the most recent political poll in the context of the Law of Attraction. The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that was released yesterday tells us that 78% of Americans feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction, almost half of Americans have labeled this Congress one of the worst ever in our history, and we are tired of the bickering and gridlock that is blocking our way out of the recession. The poll goes on to show that Americans are upset about the wealthy getting wealthier and the disappearing middle class. Americans feel broke and depleted. Americans want to feel better about their livelihood and security, and are looking to politicians to make that happen.

That last sentence is where we are collectively going very wrong. If you have ever read any book on self-improvement, self-awareness, or spiritual development, one of the fundamental principles for living a worry-free life is that you cannot base your happiness or security on any outside person, agency or situation. Security, happiness, abundance, and all other feelings come from within, not from without (outside of you). This is the fundamental problem that I see with Americans today; they need to stop placing their happiness and wellbeing in other people (politicians), other agencies (the government) or other situations (the reversal of the economy). Until we as a society can collectively shift our focus and find our own inner security, we will continue to flounder.

The more I learn, practice and coach on the Law of Attraction, the more I actually feel like a tourist watching America crumble. How is it that I feel hopeful, abundant, and excited about each day and the future while others are disintegrating in fear and anger? My universe gives back that hope, abundance and excitement. We question why the wealthy are getting wealthier; it is because they put out the wealthy vibe. Check out my blog from last week on that issue. You get what you give. And if you are giving a vibe of nervousness, worry, anger, and waiting for someone (a newly elected Congress or President) to make you feel better, then the Universe will give you nervousness, worry, anger and will keep you waiting.

It is easy to shrug off the Law of Attraction as nonsense, but just look around you objectively and you will see it working all around you. Quantum physics has validated the Law of Attraction. Americans are obsessed with the economy, the unemployment rate, the housing crisis, rising health care costs, rising ailments and illnesses, dwindling income and crises in other countries. That obsession sends a powerful message to the Universe that we want more of what we focus on. So we are sent more concerns about the economy, unemployment, housing, health care, illnesses, faltering income, and other countries.

No matter where you are in life, you can step back objectively and look and your surroundings and make a conscious decision to change what you see and what you experience. You can choose to see your world and country as an enemy out to get you, or you can choose to see life as thrilling and supportive. The Law of Attraction is just energy; and energy is all around us. Energy changes all the time and you have the power to change it.

If you have read this far, I ask that you please forward this blog to everyone that you know. When we can collectively shift our energy to a more positive outlook, that sends an extremely powerful vibration out that comes back to us even stronger. Singularly, you can effect change on your own in your own life, but imagine 100 people, 1000 people, an entire city, or even an entire nation collectively believing “We are done with feeling lack, desperation and worry. We deserve and intend to feel complete, abundant, joy and excitement about tomorrow and the future.” Say those words to yourself and notice how the first sentence feels heavy and negative and the second feels light and hopeful. Which one do you want to be?

Everything in life is a choice; we have free will. So why would anyone intentionally chose to live in a world where they are terrified of losing their job, their house, their money, or their life? If any of those situations are happening to you now, why would you keep your focus on them? That is no way to live and I do not believe that our parents brought us into this world to live in such terror. We can shake out of this and come out on the other side feeling more content and joy. But those feelings can only come from within. No one can make you happy except yourself. So even though we live in a world that may seem controlled by others, it really is not. You are in charge of your world and your destiny. So what choice do you want to make? Let me know because I’d love to share in your journey. If you need help along the path, you know where to find me for guidance.

Abandon the Poverty Mindset

We’ve been hearing much about people’s wealth (or lack thereof) in the media and political debates lately. The 1% are clamoring against the 99% who hold significant wealth in the U.S. Abundance and wealth are popular topics in the Law of Attraction world, but those two words mean more than financial wealth; they cover feeling abundantly happy, abundantly healthy, and feeling joyous wealth in aspects of life.  Wealth means having abundant health, wealth and happiness. Knowing this, I have been watching with curiosity the Occupy movements that are moving across the U.S. and keep coming back to this one question?

Why do a small percentage of people amass the most financial wealth? If you have ever read any book on the Law of Attraction, the answer is simple: those people hold a belief system, thought system and action system that is based on abundance and wealth. It is as simple as that. The Law of Attraction teaches us that we create our world and view our world is through our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. And while there are nuances to the Law of Attraction in manifesting what you desire, the simple process is this: what you think is what you see; what you feel manifests; what you believe matches up to what you have; and what action you take directly relates to whether you achieve your desires.

Do you know anyone who has a mindset that “you have to work hard to make money,” or “you have to have a certain education/experience to make money,” or “you have to born into wealth to make money”? We all know someone who has a poverty mindset. In fact, I bet that most people we know have a poverty mindset. Do you think Donald Trump has a poverty mindset? Do you think the Wall Street bankers have a poverty mindset even when their industry is crashing around them? No, they have an abundant mindset. People with an abundant mindset can earn millions or billions of dollars, lose it all to bankruptcy, and build it back up in a matter of years. Donald Trump has done that. So how do they do it? They have a core belief system that they will be abundant no matter what. This belief system drives their thoughts, feelings and actions. And when these line up and work together, the Law of Attraction is an absolute law and says that you will manifest what you desire, believe and focus on.

With the struggling economy, I have said for several years that we need a collective shift in our belief system away from poverty. One of the biggest issues with people and companies who come into a significant amount of money is that they lose it quickly. These proverbial lottery winners have a poverty mindset and when they receive a windfall, they cannot keep it. The money does not match their poverty vibration. I used to work for an organization that suffered from this. So being abundant and wealthy is not a matter of getting your hands on money; instead it is about getting yourself into a mindset where you feel abundant, joyful and no worry about money.

If the masses stopped focusing on unemployment, homelessness, the recession, and every other condition that goes with a downturned economy, then we could swiftly change the energy in this country to an abundant mindset. Instead, people talk about their struggles, watch the news about the economy and believe in the messages, and live their lives waiting for disaster to strike. Is it any wonder that when disaster strikes we are surprised? Tomorrow, pay careful attention to conversations around you and keep track of all of the negative conversations. After doing so, you will understand why the country is struggling.

Everything in your life has been created by you. The Law of Attraction, like the Law of Gravity, is clear on that. It can be a bitter pill to swallow because no one would ever want to create joblessness, homelessness, or a failing bank/stock portfolio. Yet that is exactly what the citizens of the United States and other countries are doing. They are wallowing in despair and the poverty mindset.

We need a wake up call. And regardless of where you are at in life, you can change your mindset. I speak of this from experience. Not too long ago, I had inconsistent and insufficient income coming in to my life. But I never focused on it. I simply focused on doing what I love (whether it brought in money or not), believed deeply in my core that everything would work out because it always had, stayed away from negative news reporting or discussions by friends/family, and focused my life on doing what brought me joy. This created a high-level vibration to where I truly felt abundant (financially, emotionally, and physically). I frankly had never felt so good. People in my life had no idea that I had inconsistent income because I refused to live and act like it was true. Instead, I had an abundant vibration. I was not pretending; I really felt abundant. And sure enough, in the middle of a recession, I attracted work that I desired with consistent income that was more than I had ever made.

You have a choice in how you want to live your life. You have a choice in the type of society you want to live in. Whether you are unemployed, working in a dead-end lifeless job, or have the job of your dreams, you can create and sustain an abundant mindset. So what is your choice? Do you want a poverty mindset filled with worry, or an abundant mindset filled with relaxation, joy and financial freedom? It truly is your call.

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Like casting a stone in a pond, you alone can create ripples that will impact others in a positive way. Take that step today to change your mindset and help our country recover.