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Are you confused about whether it’s safe to use essential oils with cats and dogs?

I was too, until I did the research.

I am an internationally-recognized animal protection attorney and former prosecuting attorney (I am not a veterinarian). In my legal work and over 20 years volunteering in shelters, I have been around thousands of pets rescued from abusive and neglectful situations. They may be physically safe, but how are they emotionally healing? And family pets seem to be struggling with high levels of stress these days.

I have spent over 7 years studying the chemistry and effects of essential oils for cats and dogs and how they can be safely used with and around pets. I find a lot of confusing, incomplete and inaccurate information on the Internet. Since 2013, I have safely used essential oils to help family pets, shelter pets, and abused/neglected animals. In teaching HUNDREDS of classes on safely using essential oils with pets, including being invited to teach at Young Living’s Animals & Essential Oil 2017 & 2018 Conferences and the 2019 On the Grow Conference, I decided to publish what has worked for me, my cats, shelter pets I work with, and my pet clients.

The Oily Pet will give you confidence in using essential oils with and around pets.

The Oily Pet is an easy-to-read 24-page booklet that will help you identify and reduce toxins in your pet’s environment, how to identify pet-safe essential oils, how/when/where to safely use essential oils with pets, how to safely use oils with your cat, and a listing of essential oils that pets love. When I look to educational materials about how to safely use essential oils with pets, the materials are either too superficial and incomplete, or intimidatingly in-depth. This one is written to give you the information you need in an easy format. And it’s perfect to hand out at your essential oil for pet classes!

And a big thank you to Dr. Susan Albright DVM for peer-reviewing the booklet and writing a Foreward from the perspective of a veterinarian!

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