Energy Therapy Class Testimonials:

Crystal Classes:

  • “Many crystal classes cover all the same stuff. Allie’s [Advanced Crystal Healing] class covered a lot of materials I didn’t know. It was interesting and accessible to those of us without scientific background. This opened up a lot for me!” — Gina (Springfield, VA)
  • “[Advanced Crystal Healing] Fantastic course! Highly recommend Allie’s classes for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge or is interested in a healing profession.” — Jennifer (Lorton, VA)
  • “Exceeded my expectation! Puts everything together and provides a better understanding of the ‘why’.” — LeeAnn (Dewitt, MI)
  • “I am so thankful I got the opportunity to learn with such a great teacher!” — Kate (Williamston, MI)
  • “This two-day deep dive [Advanced Crystal Healing] provided an incredible wealth of information. Perfect combination of science and metaphysical learning.” — Julie (Alexandria, VA)
  • “Excellent class [Crystal Healing Basics & Grids]. The feeling of inner peace that I left with after class is something that I am striving to maintain.” — Owner, Old Towne Gemstones (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “I came into the class hoping to become a believer, but still having some skepticism. After doing the chakra rebalancing with the crystals, I am a believer! The difference in how I felt is so tangible.” – Brady (Lansing, Michigan)“This was an amazing day of learning. Allie is a knowledgeable, caring teacher who works to further all students in her class. This was inspiring and has sparked my desire to continue on a path of well-being, health & healing for myself and my family. Excellent class, I would recommend the class and Allie to all.” – Kai (Cedar Springs, Michigan)
  • “[Crystal Healing Basics & Grids] This is knowledge for life!” — Ivar (Front Royal, Virginia)
  • “Your classes have already made such a positive difference that my partner wants me to take more classes!” — Angela (Mason Neck, Virginia)
  • “[Crystal Healing Basics & Grids] was a great and fun class that everyone should experience” — Linnea (Front Royal, Virginia)
  • “[Crystal Healing Basics & Grids] was very well organized and flowed extremely well. Allie is a wonderful teacher and trainer and conveys information with lots of clarity. So glad I found out about her. I can now work with my own crystals in a much more conscientious way.” — Vanessa (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “I loved this class [Crystal Healing Basics & Grids]!  I went in knowing nothing about crystals except that some are pretty.  I learned the science behind how crystals can re-align vibrations of a person with those of the earth, which helps in well-being.  I also learned about how to increase the power of crystals by using a grid.  In addition, I learned how to use crystals to balance my own chakras.  This class certainly exceeded my expectations!  The interaction with other students was also very beneficial.” — Elizabeth (Arlington, Virginia)
  • “Loved the whole class [Crystal Healing for Animals]. Don’t think you could have fit anymore in … learned a lot. It was definitely work the drive!” — Jackie (Waterford, New Jersey)
  • “Crystal healing with animals is different from crystal healing with people and good information is hard to find. We are so lucky to have Allie teach this class!” — Gina (Springfield, Virginia)
  •  “I enjoyed the Crystal Healing for Animals class. I’m a crystal “virgin”, so everything was beneficial. I’m looking forward to experimenting with my pets to increase healing and harmony at home!” — Sue (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Awesome! Can hardly wait to take the Basic class all the way through Advanced. Can’t wait to build my first grid.” — Kathy (Middletown, Delaware) 
  • “[Crystal Healing for Animals] Great class! Very informative and interesting. Information will help greatly with my animals and in rescue work.” — Jennifer J. (Lorton, Virginia)
  • “Crystal Healing for Animals was an excellent course for building on understanding of how crystals can be used to address health and wellbeing issues with animals and also for getting a hands-on practical application during class. Allie presented the information in a clear and easy-to-understand way and answered questions in a fun and thorough way. I recommend this for anyone interested in leaving the basics about crystal healing and in adding a new option to help pets, rescued animals, and wildlife.” — Jennifer (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Love how Allie made [Crystal Healing for Animals class] personal by walking us through what we could do (grids) for our own pets – we can home and implement grids right away. Great class!” — Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)

Integrated Energy Therapy Classes:

  • “After taking the intermediate and advanced IET class with Allie, IT caused me to finally realize that I am responsible for what I bring into my life and that in order to move forward, I would have to look at and address the “shadow side” of myself – face the fear (and eliminate my ego) that has kept me from living my life fully.  In order to do this, I have had to work at changing my perception of myself realizing that I am perfect as I am ( and not letting family, friends, society or even my ego tell me that I am anything less than perfect, as in I need to lose weight, or become prettier, more successful…).  This is still a work in progress but when I experience the moments of pure joy of living in the moment (no fears or regrets), then I know that I am on the right path.  I have also learned to look for the green flags in life (the ones that show you are on the right path) and listen to the red flags because it is OK to say no when I know deep down that path is not one that I want to take (even at times when people say you should).  I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to get more in touch with the spiritual side of healing because working with angelic healing is incredible (no words to describe it).” — Kathy (Middleton, Delaware)
  • I love IET! It is exactly what I was looking for these past years. Allie is awesome!” – Linda (Ashburn, VA)
  • “I am very pleased to have learned all of the techniques in Advanced IET. Anything to help with manifestation is all right with me!” – Nicole (Falls Church, VA)
  • “[Healing Angels] class was very enlightening and fun! — Leanne (Rockville, Maryland)
  • “[Healing Angels] loved it!” — Angela (Mason Neck, Virginia)
  • “[IET Advanced] was a terrific class! Loved learning this final segment of IET. Allie answered all of my questions and is highly adaptable. Highly recommend as this is a way to make IET sessions much more effective on yourself or for a client.” – Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “[IET Advanced] … Loved the conversational style. Glad not “reading from book verbatim.” Loved ability to ask questions throughout.” – Angela (Mason Neck, Virginia)
  • “I loved [IET for Pets] – the connection I felt using a stuffed animal was mind blowing. Working with my own dog was very emotional but very eye opening!!” — Sue (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Love it, love it, love it!!!” — Laura (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Excellent class [IET Intermediate)! The material was well-presented with thorough explanations. Outstanding!” — Elizabeth (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “[IET Basic] was so interesting and resonated so simply with me. The hands on practice and discussion was the perfect balance.” — Sue (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Thank you for helping me get back on track to/with the healing path. So excited!” — Laura (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “[IET Pets] was an excellent class. The material was well presented and offered new insights into the hearts and souls of animals. Loved it!” — Elizabeth (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Great interaction with students/questions in IET Basic. Open to different concepts – not just one way to do or interpret. Very patient with me” — Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Awesome! Amazing! I cannot wait to use this modality!” — Arlene (Grand Ledge, MI)
  • “Allie was clear and logical in her presentation. Kind, strong, yet accommodating, concerned for our comfort and understanding.” – Laura (Jackson, MI)

Reiki classes:

  • “Reiki Level 1 and Reiki for Animals classes are absolutely wonderful! I honestly feel this training is transformational for me, for my pets, and for many others in the days and years to come. Allie explains the concepts and practical application in relatable terms. This knowledge is a fabulous tool to have in your tool kit. I humbly expect that it will continue to bring great benefit to my life, but also to others. Thanks Allie!” — Patricia (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “I am a Reiki Mater and took [Reiki Level One] for certification purposes. It was an awesome class and I learned a lot. Highly recommend the class!” — Kathy (Middletown, Delaware)
  • “Allie was very patient, welcoming and provided a great learning environment. I enjoyed myself and looking forward to my next certification.” –Brittany (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • Reiki first degree provided me with fundamentals of Reiki as well as important practical hands-on skills that were observed and tweaked with the help of Allie. I definitely feel much more prepared to try Reiki with my friends than I originally thought I would.” — Charlotte (Arlington, Virginia)
  • “There isn’t a lot out there on [Reiki for Animals] and it is quite different from Reiki on people. This class fills a definite need – and the fact that it is held in person with live animals – and not online – is a big plus!” – Gina (Springfield, VA)
  • ‘The information provided [in Reiki for Animals] was very comprehensive. It was great practicing on the cats, and the field trip to practice on the horses was the cherry on top!” – Nicole (Falls Church, VA)
  • “Allie has an abundance of knowledge and presents the information in a very thoughtful and interesting way. The hands on practice really rounds out the experience.” — Jennifer S.(Alexandria, VA)
  • “[Reiki One] was a great introduction to Reiki and a great blend of discussion and “doing”. Allie created a positive, professional, inclusive learning environment and she was open to and positively responsive to questions. This class exceeded my expectations.” — Jennifer W. (Alexandria, VA)
  • “I felt very comfortable with the design and progression of Reiki First Degree class. I learned so much in one day.” –– Julie (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Being able to work with different animals during class was incredibly beneficial. Learning by doing.” — Julie (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “Reiki Two class is another transformational experience. I am thrilled to incorporate my new-found knowledge into my life” — Pat (Alexandria, VA)
  • “Reiki Two taught me how to listen to my own intuition and combine healing modalities to help myself, my animals and others.” — Julie (Alexandria, VA)

Coaching Testimonials

  • “Investing in Allie has been an investment that has paid off! She really knows her stuff, on a level I would call masterful. She’s funny, energetic, and uplifting. Great coach and teacher of the laws of LOA. Allie, for sure, is 2 thumbs up!” – Debbie (Arlington, VA)
  • “For over a year I had been interested in receiving coaching to help me get clear about my path and work through what I felt were barriers to my personal evolution. I knew a little about the Law of Attraction and attempted to manifest some things, but I didn’t feel things were happening as I intended. Fortunately for me no other coaches seemed to the right choice, and through a number of connected instances (and undoubtedly with the help of the Universe and the Law of Attraction) I visited Allie’s Manifested Harmony website and read her articles about the Law of Attraction. Since we share many of the same interests and are both animal advocates, it seemed that Allie was the right match as a coach. She helped me understand the most effective ways to approach the Law of Attraction, initially by illuminating the misconceptions that occur with the Law of Attraction, and by suggesting personalized exercises and assignments to help me meet my goals. She also provided excellent guidance and encouragement. I recently completed 12 coaching sessions with Allie, and as a result of our sessions, I’ve crafted supportive daily routines and I’m seeing my world from a different and refreshing perspective. I feel that my barriers have morphed into motivating challenges and that I’m being guided on a very interesting path! What I’ve learned and practiced with Allie’s assistance is making my journey through life much more fun and abundant! I’m so grateful to have worked with Allie and received her inspirational direction. Thanks Allie!” – Dale (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
  • “Manifesting change: create your own future with the tools Allie awakens in you. These coaching sessions helped me to take a most difficult time in my life and transform it into a blossoming flower.” — Marie
  • “When I began my coaching from Allie, I was unfocused, unsure and unhappy with what I saw as my future life and career.  I was at wit’s end and didn’t know where to turn. But, through her patient and empathetic coaching, teaching and healing, I have truly shifted my personal attitudes and expectations, and am living a much more positive, hopeful and fulfilling life.  I’m not a ‘victim’ any longer, but feel I am beginning to manifest the life I both want and deserve.” — Randy (Denver, Colorado)
  • “The law of attraction really works! With just a little guidance from Allie, a very stressful situation turned around for me in a short period of time. It was a lot less work than all the worry and stress I put into that situation – and with the outcome I desired! Give it a try, what do you have to lose?” — Holly (Charlotte, Michigan)

Energy Therapy Testimonials:

  • “Allie Phillips is a wonderful energy practitioner! I started Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) with her in order to ‘recharge my battery’ during a final push at school. Additionally, as a mental health counselor seeking ways to promote self-care, I find energy work pivotal to my practice. Her office is a lovely sanctuary. She expertly tunes into the issues at hand and selects various energy work modalities to clear and re balance my fields. I feel refreshed after sessions and carry a sense of well being long after we are through. As a fellow energy practitioner I highly recommend Allie. She is a gifted healer who supports and helps to clear a path for your souls highest journey.” — Cynthia (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “When I started my first therapy session with Allie, I knew that I wanted to bring everything in my life, including out pets, into balance and harmony. The first hour we spent together was an amazing healing experience that changed my lifestyle, outlook, and my life. The more I work with Allie, the more conscious I am that healing doesn’t end with each session. It’s something that continues into the rest of life, and healing is something that I can share with others, including the animals in our lives.” – Julie (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “I was a completely different person walking out of the healing session the other day. I went from a sobbing mess at the beginning of the session to feeling centered and confident all this week.  Its amazing how a simple shift in energy can make a world of difference. I can’t thank you enough only to start with a simple and heartfelt, thank you.” – Laura (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “My healing sessions with Allie the past 9 months have been such a positive experience.  Allie has made me more aware of what my body needs so that I can better communicate the areas on which I would like her to focus.  A few days prior to each session, she has me specifically target what I want to work on so that she can be prepared to incorporate the necessary modalities to maximize healing.  She also offers insightful feedback from the session that keeps me focused on the healing and mediation she encourages me to do on my own.  The services Allie offers through Manifested Harmony are an invaluable investment I have made in finally bettering my physical, emotional, and spiritual being.” – Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)

Law of Attraction Class Testimonials:

  • “Allie is an excellent teacher. If you apply her suggestions and actually do the homework you will see changes. Her class on forgiveness is one of the best I have ever seen. Connecting it to abundance, manifesting and LOA is something I have not ever heard presented in that way. Her additional resources alone are worth the price of the course.” — Gina (Springfield, Virginia)
  • “I can’t thank you enough for everything you have brought into my life. I knew the instant I found you there would be big changes coming. I realize now what my soul purpose is and there are ‘blocks’ I need to heal in order to get there. You have provide me with the first level of tools I need to begin that healing process. Thank you!” — Linda (Ashburn, Virginia)
  • “I am learning to look at things in my life differently. I catch myself in negative thoughts or impulses and re-direct automatically. I’m happier with work, with relationships and with myself. I highly recommend this class! Even though we are all virtual, I felt connected to Allie and to the other students and could see how we all evolved through the five weeks.” — Pat (Alexandria, Virginia)
  • “This class was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!  The whole Law of Attraction concept is completely new to me, and I’m so excited about it.  I think it has opened me up to making a significant change in my life, much sooner than I thought I would.  I feel much less frightened about this change, and I’m more confident it’s the right thing to do.  So many of the decisions I’ve made up to now were things I just drifted into and were not right for me (about people and jobs).” — Elizabeth (Arlington, VA)
  • “The class exceeded my expectations!” — Debbie (Arlington, VA)
  • I recently completed a Law of Attraction series of classes from Allie.  I thoroughly enjoyed the series (1 hour class, 4 weeks in a row) as it was a good review of material Allie had taught me in our individual coaching sessions, as well as providing me with new information and “homework” to ensure I implemented new practices.  From our prior coaching sessions, I had created a vision board in hopes to attract additional income.  The classes really helped me refine the vision board to be more specific, while not “boxing in” the possibilities that may come.  As a result, opportunities have presented themselves that have allowed me to almost triple my part time income and to work on my terms.  I look forward to the next series of classes and all that I will learn.  Thanks Allie/Manifested Harmony!” — Linda (Alexandria, VA)
  • “I really like the way the concepts were divided into small chunks with exercises.” — Julie (Alexandria, VA)