The Sacred Shift


The Year of The Sacred Shift: Aligning energies to Shift your Potential


We are in a very different energetic time in our history. What worked in the past no longer has the same effect.

2020 was the most intense and disruptive year of our lifetime. While the dust has not settled on 2020 and continues, the message behind the upheval is a movement into new energy and a new way of living. As the phrase goes, “hindsight is 2020” … So what did you learn from 2020? 

In 2020 and into 2021 we all encountered lock downs, isolation, and a forced slow down of the busyness that had taken over our lives in recent years. Did you spend the time reflecting on what needs to change in your life? Did you make necessary changes from what you learned? Or are you holding your breath to get “back to normal”? 

We are being offered an energetic upgrade and if we do not learn how to adapt to and thrive in the new energies we will continue to feel unwell, imbalanced, depleted, drained, overwhelmed, angry, depressed, stuck, unmotivated and uncomfortable with the negative energies around you in and within you.

You may feel the message of this energetic upgrade but are lost in where to start and what to do. But you also know that what worked in the past doesn’t work anymore … for business, for health, for relationships, for life. 

If you shift with the energy you will feel better and get into flow and this is where the magic happens. 

Welcome to the Year of The Sacred Shift

You will learn how to FLOW WITH the energies by understanding what they are and how they make you feel. You will learn how to tap into energetic tools such as healing foods, essential oils for body-mind-spirit support, crystals for energetic transformation, chakra infusions, intuitive development, mindset techniques, finding your ascending animal totem, and more. 

You will learn how to empower and shift your energy to take control of how YOU respond to events and situations, how to self-motivate into action, how to flow with cycles, and how to understand and work with energies to feel your best physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

What is the Sacred Shift? 

  • Sacred means being dedicated to a purpose, spiritual respect, a spiritual experience, and personal rituals to connect with your authentic self. Sacred in our context has no religious meaning or worship affiliation. 
  • Shift means to move position or direction. Shift in our context will be to move in the right direction, not backwards or remaining stagnant.
  • The Sacred Shift logo has deep meaning as well.
    • The Circle in sacred geometry is about original perfection, the self, cyclic movement, and where endings connect to beginnings.
    • Wings represent the ability to ascend and fly, but are symbolic of freedom and spirituality. There are many winged creatures but they all have one thing in common: They can live on the ground and in the air, and that is what current energies are asking us to do. 
  • In The Sacred Shift you will align with the energy shift and open to your highest potential. If you stay in the same position you were a year ago, you will miss this opportunity and continue to struggle. When you can come into alignment with all of the energies that are coming together to support you to shift, you will come full circle into being your best self. When that happens you can draw in the experiences you most desire, spread your wings and fly.


Who should join The Sacred Shift?

The Sacred Shift is for everyone, but not everyone is ready to be a Sacred Shifter. You will be called to join if:

  • You have goals and dreams that are struck and need to take flight
  • You have worked all of the techniques you have been taught but they are not moving you forward
  • You are feeling uncentered, ungrounded, unclear, uncertain of the first step and the path ahead
  • You are feeling unwell, imbalanced, depleted, drained, overwhelmed, angry, depressed, unmotivated, and uncomfortable with the negative energies around you and within you
  • You have a yearning in you but lack the action and clarity to bring it to life
  • You know the energy of our times is challenging you to shift but you’re not sure how to do it
  • You are an intention-driven person who is ready to drop the excuses and shift into your highest potential
  • You are ready to understand and come into alignment with the energy shift
  • You are ready to embrace that your business and personal goals must be energetically aligned for success
  • And A Sacred Shifter will show up and contribute at each meet-up, learn and work with the energies each day, be willing to leave excuses in the past.

Reflect on the traits of a Sacred Shifter. Is that you? We all like to think that we embody those traits but not all do … yet. If you do and if you are ready to intentionally flow with energies thru life, rather than life controlling you, The Sacred Shift is for you.



Sacred Path membership

  • Once monthly interactive 90-minute online instructional meet-up the 1st Sunday at 6:30pm/eastern
  • Equinox and Solstice quarterly ceremonies
  • Select your Winged Spirit Animal Totem to guide you thru the year
  • Entrance in The Sacred Shift Facebook page to connect with others while receiving all energy updates and education
  • Quarterly membership = You will have access to all past content if you register by the 1st of the 3rd month (e.g., September 1). If you register after that you will have access to the next quarter. You can cancel your recurring quarterly membership at any time.
  • Annual membership = You can register at any time during 2021 and will receive access to all past content. 
  • This program will continue into 2022 so stay tuned for additional updates to the program!
  • Cost:
    • Quarterly membership = $147
    • Annual membership = $444 (25% discount)
    • For Purrmaste Oils Team members receive 50% discount (coupon code will be sent to you)


Shift Path membership

  • You will receive The Sacred Path membership with once monthly online meet-up plus …
  • Small group meet-up online once a week at 5:45pm/eastern each Sunday for 30 minutes for in-depth discussions and tailored guidance for more rapid shifts specific to your path
  • Quarterly membership = You will have access to all past content if you register by the 1st of the 3rd month (e.g., March 1). If you register after that you will have access to the next quarter. You can cancel your recurring quarterly membership at any time.
  • Annual membership = You can register at any time during 2021 and will receive access to all past content. 
  • Cost :
    • Quarterly membership = $444 (less than $40/week)
    • Annual membership = $1333 (25% discount)



What will The Sacred Shift do for you?

The Sacred Shift will help you:

  • Understand energy and frequency at a deeper level and how it impacts every aspect of your life
  • Learn how to discern what is best for you and how to follow intuitive guidance
  • Embrace the energy shift, expand your vibration and ascend with it, rather than against it
  • Incorporate energy techniques into your daily life for greater flow and synchronicity
  • Realize your highest potential
  • Come together in a Sacred Space of like-energy individuals who will collective support as you spread your wings and soar.


The Sacred Shift Monthly Topics

  • January – Sacred Flow: Daily Rituals & Cycles
  • February – Sacred Soul Path: Grounding into your Purpose
  • March – Sacred Energy: Rejuvenation after Depletion
  • April – Sacred Goals: Setting & Achieving your Dreams
  • May – Sacred Temple: A Body you can Thrive with
  • June – Sacred Emotions: Eliminating Toxic Stress and Negative Emotions
  • July – Sacred Mindset: Shifting from Lack to Abundance
  • August – Sacred Fire: Unblocking Self-Motivation
  • September – Sacred Knowing: Mental Focus & Intuitive Clarity
  • October – Sacred Self-Love: Happiness in Relationships
  • November – Sacred Service: Giving, Gratitude and Guidance
  • December – Sacred Zone: Going outside your comfort zone


About the Creator of The Sacred Shift

Allie Phillips is multi-careered and has spent the last 15 years studying energy and learning to flow with it. She has been an attorney since 1994, is a former prosecuting attorney, and is an internationally recognized public speaker and award-winning author on prosecuting animal abuse and how it links to family violence. She is the Founder/CEO of Sheltering Animals & Families Together, a global initiative helping domestic violence shelters to create onsite pet housing.

Allie started her spiritual education in 2006 when she learned about The Law of Attraction (which totally freaked her out and blew her mind!!). Then after an experience with Reiki in 2007 that left her lawyer brain stunned, she then began her healing education. Allie opened Manifested Harmony in 2011 to teach others about energy and healing. She now holds these certifications:

  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor
  • Advanced Crystal Master
  • Fairyologist
  • Life Coach
  • Law of Attraction Coach
  • Health Coach

Allie is extensively trained in crystals, essential oils and energy frequencies. She is a requested speaker at national essential oil conferences about animals and blending essential oils with crystals. She is the author of The Oily Pet and The Oily Crystal, along with numerous animal protection books and articles. She has spent over a decade observing energy frequencies, how they impact people and animals, and how living in accordance with energy is what we are called to do during this time in history. When you do so, life flows easier with more synchronicities.