Sacred Shift Drop-In

If you have been curious about The Sacred Shift community but would like to check it out before joining, I have a very special offer!

Drop-in to the July 2023 Sacred Shift Meet-up on Thursday June 29 from 6:30 – 8pm/ET and pick which option is best for you.

Zoom only = Join the live meeting for just $33. This is a live meeting where you can stay on after to ask questions, no recording will be available. Click here for this option.

Zoom & Workbook = Join the live meeting AND receive the 14-page May Energy Workbook to help you navigate the energies in May for just $44. Click here for this option.

As a bonus you will receive FREE access to our Summer Solstice Ceremony occurring on Tuesday June 20th at 6:30pm/ET on Zoom. So be sure to pick one of the 2 options above before June 20th to receive your free gift!

Why look at The Sacred Shift?

The past few years I have noticed that people are falling into one of these categories:
  • Thriving, balanced, aligning to their soul path, and growing into the best version of themselves OR
  • Struggling with mystery physical issues, emotional and mental imbalances, and feeling very lost and afraid.

If you are the second category, you are not alone. A lot of people are struggling right now. And it’s because of the shifting energies around us. But what does that mean?

As humans we are constantly evolving … we are not stagnant because energy is not stagnant. We are are highly influenced by frequencies around us that literally alter us from the inside out.

The Earth is also going through her own evolution, fluctuating her frequency to a higher level, working to flip her north & south poles, all the while being influenced by the frequency of other planetary energies, the Sun (we are entering a solar maximum), and the energies of all of us with our feet planted on Mother Earth. We are being taken on a rollercoaster ride as Earth changes. And most people are not prepared for the ride so it’s bubbling up mystery physical issues, emotional outbursts, mental instability and a spiritual crisis where everything is questioned and sometimes the answers are not comfortable.

The massive changes that happened to our world in 2020 have left a lot of people traumatized, grieving, fearful and angry. But there is a solution!

What I have discovered over years of studying, observing and implementing numerous techniques is that we need to ground our energies while also raising our frequency, we need to clear our energies, and we need to look at our world more broadly as energy. It’s not as easy as it sounds unless you know what to do.

That’s why I created The Sacred Shift … A community where we gather twice a month to learn about real-time energies that are influencing us and the solutions to help us ground into the energies, raise our frequency, flow with the lessons, and thrive!

If you’re tired of feeling off-balance and this sounds like a community you want to be in to shift your energies, but want to check it out first, I hope you will drop-in to our meet-up. As a thank you, you will receive a special offer to officially join our community!

It is a perfect time to check out The Sacred Shift because rates will increase on Sept 1, 2023. Lock in your discounted rate forever before then!