Crystal Healing classes

Safe health policies are in effect for any in-person class. Check out 2 new online classes!

Learn how crystals really work!

Are you drawn to crystals and minerals and want to learn how they really work?

Are you interested in learning the science and art of crystal healing?

Are you curious to go deeper than the crystal books you’ve read?

Do you want to really understand how crystals can help you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced?

Do you want to learn with like-minded people in a setting where you can work hands-on with crystals and ask questions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Manifested Harmony Crystal Therapy program is just for you!

I am a Certified Advanced Crystal Master and went through extensive training with a science teacher! I love to combine the science and art of crystals in my classes so that you walk away with a deep understanding.

My in-person classes are held in Lansing, Michigan.

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Here’s what you’ll receive in my classes:

  • In-depth professional training about crystals, including the science of how energy and crystals work
  • How to work with crystals responsibly and ethically with family, friends, clients and animals
  • A set of crystals to take home to immediately practice what you learned
  • A detailed training workbook
  • Hands-on instruction and practice with the crystals
  • Personalized attention with class sizes kept to under 10 people
  • See specific teaching points detailed in the class descriptions below

Who are my classes for?

  • Anyone who is interested in alternative wellness techniques
  • Anyone who loves crystals and minerals and wants a greater understanding of how they work
  • Anyone who has (or desires to have) a healing, massage, chiropractic, or veterinary business and wants to add crystal therapy to their practice
  • Anyone who is interested in growing their spiritual and wellness path

Become a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) 

Manifested Harmony has a CCH Program. If you are interested in becoming a CCH, you must complete:

(1) Crystal Healing Basics & Grids (1-day course),

(2) Intermediate & Advanced Crystal Healing (2-day course taken separately),

(3) pass an open-book online test and

(4) conduct an advanced crystal session on me as a one-on-one mentoring session.


Basic Crystal Healing class

“I loved the mix of theory and practical techniques [in Basic Crystal Healing] and have since incorporated much of what I learned into my daily life.” – Cat (Bath, MI)

“[Online Basic Crystal Healing] is n depth course on everything you need to know about crystals, whether you just bought your first or learning to see more knowledge. You won’t be left empty minded with the help of Allie’s wisdom and grace on mother nature!” – Gurjinder (Jersey City, NJ)

“Allie was wonderful and very informative.” – Anna (Jonesville, MI)

“Great class. I learned way more than I expected.” – Erin (Lansing, MI)

“Wow! Nicely paired [science & art], informative, interactive class. I wish I took this class before I started buying crystals.” – Lisa (Lansing, MI)

Crystal Healing for Animals Class

“What I learned in one day [in the Crystal Healing for Animals online class] surpasses what it would take for me to self teach with books, videos, etc. I highly recommend it for anyone with animals in their life.” – Shannon (Macomb, MI)

“Online Crystal Healing for Animals with Allie was amazing. She takes her years of experience and is able to boil it down into a fun, interaction and informative class. You can tell when she is teaching how passionate she is about the subject.” – Melanie (Avoca, WI)

Class Schedule:

When clicking on the payment link, you will be prompted to type in the fee appropriate for the class.

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Class Dates Fee Payment
Basic Crystal Healing: Science, Arts & Grids August 21 (in Lansing, MI) $195 ($175 if you register before July 21)

Basic Crystal Healing: Science, Arts & Grids August 24 (online) $195 ($175 if you register before July 24)

Advanced Crystal Healing (2-day class) Basic is a pre-requisite August 28-29 (in Lansing, MI) $390 ($350 if registered 30 days before class)

Basic & Advanced Crystal Healing Bundle August 21, 28-29 (in Lansing, MI) $555 ($499 if registered 30 days before class)


Crystal Healing for Animals TBA (in person) $185

Crystal Healing for Animals August 22 (online) $185

SPECIAL RATE: Crystals for Animals for animal workers/ volunteers TBA (in-person) $140 special rate

SPECIAL RATE: Crystals for Animals for animal workers/ volunteers TBA (Online) $140 special rate

Basic Crystal Healing class

Advanced Crystal Healing class

Crystal Healing for Animals photo


Do you have payment plans?

I do not have payment plans for one or two day classes. But if you really want to take a class and need a payment plan, just email me. Full payment is required 10 days before class and I’m happy to work with you.

What happens after I register?

When you pay for the class, you are automatically registered. I will email you a welcome letter with details about the class date, time, location, and what to bring to have a comfortable experience (such as lunch, a yoga mat or blanket, a journal). 

What is your refund policy if I have to cancel?

For classes in Lansing, MI: Your class registration fee will be 100% refunded if you cancel within 14 days of class. If you cancel less than 14 days of class, you can either hold your class fee over to the next class (or a different class) or receive a 70% refund since I’ve already incurred the cost of your crystals and workbook. If you cancel within 5 days of the class or fail to show for your class, you forfeit the entire class fee paid.

For classes out of my area: If I travel to teach a class, your class registration fee will be 100% if you cancel within 30 days of class. If you cancel 14-29 days out from the class date 70% of the class fee will be refunded since I’ve already incurred the cost of your crystals and workbook. If you cancel less than 14 days before class or fail to show, you forfeit the entire class fee paid as room, travel and hotel expenses have been incurred.

Is the class workbook printed?

Yes it is! I’ll send you home with a binder containing the notebook.

What if I need more crystals other than what I get in class?

I have a supply of crystals relevant to each class, plus other unique crystals, that are available for sale at very reasonable prices. Just bring cash or a checkbook and you can shop during lunch or after class!

In your class for animals, will I get to practice on animals? Can I bring my pet?

Yes and no! I have 2 cats who all love being around crystals and being in class. You will have an opportunity to work on them and learn how to work with pets who won’t sit still or who walk off. But please do not bring your pet. It could be stressful for your pet, and I know it would be stressful for my cats!

What does it mean to be a Certified Crystal Healer?

There is no standard criteria to be a CCH. There are many different teachers offering different classes and requirements. I provide a lot of information in my classes and have determined that if you complete the requirements (listed above), I am confident that you have the knowledge, skill and ethics necessary to provide crystal therapy sessions to others.

I want to take your class but I don’t live near you. Do you offer online crystal classes?

Right now I am not offering online crystal classes. My teaching style works best with small classes for a personalized hands-on experience where you can ask questions and have one-on-one assistance. I have many amazing crystal colleagues who do offer online classes and I am happy to make a recommendation. Just email me.

Do you travel to other locations to offer your in-person classes?

Yes … I love to drive to teach! The class prices will be a bit higher (to cover my travel costs) and the class minimum requirement depends on the location. But I can pack my crystals and head to your town if you can get a group together. Contact me to inquire about availability and pricing.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes! I can teach you privately. The class price would be twice the listed price. Contact me to inquire about availability.

What if I take the class and I don’t like it, will I get my money back?

The short answer is no. You wouldn’t go to your dentist, get your teeth cleaned and then say “I didn’t like that so I’m not paying”, right? All kidding aside, I can tell you that no student has ever walked away dissatisfied. Every student has walked away incredibly energized, excited and eager to learn more. In fact, a large majority of my students come back for multiple classes. I also have every student fill out an evaluation form and all of my classes have been given the highest ratings. But if for some reason the class doesn’t resonate with what you expected, just contact me and we’ll chat about it because maybe just getting a few questions answered will help get you back on track.

What happens after the class?

I don’t abandon my students. I have a very active and fun Facebook page where you can interact, ask questions, share information and have fun. You will quickly feel embraced and loved in being a part of the Manifested Harmony family.