Advanced Crystal Healing Class

Fear grid
Clear Quartz Devic Temple master crystal

Class pre-requisite:

Basic Crystal Healing: Science, Art & Grids

In this two-day (16 hour) training you will learn:

  • The 12 master crystals;
  • Crystals for the new energies;
  • Crystal systems and formations;
  • The crystal nature of Earth and the human body;
  • Sacred space and sacred geometry;
  • Crystals for the 12 transpersonal chakras;
  • Advanced grid layouts;
  • How to work with advanced crystal tools;
  • Business considerations; and
  • Will be fully educated and trained to share crystal healing with others.

Your class materials:

You will receive two advanced personal crystals to work with during class, a 100+ page workbook, and a jeweler’s loupe.

Class length:

Class is from 9:00am – 5:00pm for two days.

Registration deadline:

You must register seven (7) days before the class in order for your crystals to be purchased and workbook prepared. 


“Many crystal classes cover all the same stuff. Allie’s class covered a lot of materials I didn’t know. It was interesting and accessible to those of us without scientific background. This opened up a lot for me!” — Gina (Springfield, VA)

“Puts everything together and provides a better understanding of the ‘why’.” — LeeAnn (Dewitt, MI)

“Fantastic course! Highly recommend Allie’s classes for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge or is interested in a healing profession.” — Jennifer (Lorton, VA)

“I am so thankful I got the opportunity to learn with such a great teacher!” — Kate (Williamston, MI)

“This two-day deep dive provided an incredible wealth of information. Perfect combination of science and metaphysical learning.” — Julie (Alexandria, VA)