Crystal Healing for Animals Class

In this one-day (8 hour) training you will learn:

  • how to safely incorporate healing crystals with animals;
  • the history, science and art of how crystals work and provide healing;
  • how to care for and properly use crystals;
  • how crystals can balance the energy field of animals;
  • the animal chakra system and how crystals balance chakras;
  • how crystals in your home can soothe the energy;
  • how to safely and properly use crystals with animals (cats, dogs, wildlife, horses, livestock, strays, pocket pets, fish, and shelter animals);
  • how sacred geometry and crystal grids work to send energy;
  • how to create grids for animals;
  • how to safely use crystal elixirs (including a fun hands-on elixir creating experience);
  • how to help abused, neglected and homeless shelter animals;
  • how to incorporate crystals into a veterinary or shelter environment;
  • detailed information on 6 important healing crystals for animals; and
  • The best part of class … working on my cats!

Preview one page from the training manual.

Class pre-requisite:


Your class materials:

You will be provided 8 healing crystals, a 50+ page training handbook and a certificate. You will walk away with a solid understanding of how and why crystals work, be able to explain to others how crystals work, how to safely and effectively offer crystals to animals, and immediately be able to offer them to your pet(s).

Class length:

Class is from 9:00am – 6:00pm

Registration deadline:

You must register seven (7) days before the class in order for your crystals to be purchased and workbook prepared. 

Special Offer:

If you work or volunteer with animals, use the special link below to receive 25% off of this class! This is my thank you for all of the great work that you do to help animals. 


“Crystal healing with animals is different from crystal healing with people and good information is hard to find. We are so lucky to have Allie teach this class!” — Gina (Springfield, Virginia)

“I enjoyed the Crystal Healing for Animals class. I’m a crystal “virgin”, so everything was beneficial. I’m looking forward to experimenting with my pets to increase healing and harmony at home!” — Sue (Alexandria, Virginia)

“Awesome! Can hardly wait to take the Basic class all the way through Advanced. Can’t wait to build my first grid.” — Kathy (Middletown, Delaware) 

“Loved the whole class [Crystal Healing for Animals]. Don’t think you could have fit anymore in … learned a lot. It was definitely work the drive!” – Jackie (Waterford, New Jersey)

“Love how Allie made [Crystal Healing for Animals class] personal by walking us through what we could do (grids) for our own pets – we can home and implement grids right away. Great class!” – Linda (Alexandria, Virginia)