Visioning the Year


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This workshop will completely change how you view goal setting for the New Year. Watch the 3 hour class where I will guide you through my system and a workbook to vision cast for 2023, to et clear on what you REALLY want and WHY, to understand the gap between your vision and your reality, to set intentions and action steps, and learn which crystals and essential oils can help change your mindset that has blocked your goals from manifesting in the past.

This workshop brings together over 15 years of education and practice to know how to really set goals and the action needed to bring them into reality.

Investment in your 2023 = the cost of going out for dinner

Hint: I know your goals are worth that!

Visioning for 2023

3 thoughts on “Visioning the Year

  1. Wow! This workshop truly did change how I view my goals for 2022! Allie’s guidance thru the workbook to vision cast was fantastic! I’m so thankful to Allie for sharing her knowledge, education and time with us.

  2. What a great way to enter the new year. Day one with a positive outlook and a group of great people ready to be honest and put aside the fluff and
    unrealisitc-ness of the usual “Setting new year goals” routine. Personal, business, whatever it might be for, the process we followed worked.
    Allie lead us through a very thought provoking journey, which I personally am still working on. No rah rah. No hustle. Just grounded, plain and simple talk, with steps to take after we all got to our real Why? Our motivator. That was a really effective process. I look forward to follow ups.

  3. This was an amazing workshop. It was so helpful to have specific tools for focusing and writing out our intentions. I was astonished and extremely grateful with some profound AHA! moments. Thanks to this workshop I am actually moving forward with some goals that were stuck. It’s like windows and doors flew open and all sorts of opportunities are flowing in. Interestingly, originally family plans were preventing me for attending but the Universe stepped in and knew exactly what I needed. I am grateful for the event. It was fun too! Thanks, Allie!

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