Year of Well-Being Series

Welcome to the Year of Well-Being … A 12-part series focusing on infusing more well-being into all areas of your life.

As a Certified Master-Teacher Energy Healer, Health Coach, Life Coach & Essential Oil Educator, I deep dive into the importance of each well-being topic, share lifestyle techniques, chakra awakening & balancing, mindset, essential oils and crystals for greater well-being in all layers of your beautiful life!

This Series is for you if …

✅ You feel like you’ve been put through the wringer the past 2 years or longer
✅ You can’t shake worry, fear, anxiety and overwhelm
✅ You know your emotions are hurting your physical health
✅ You know your mindset needs an upgrade
✅ You feel like you’re losing connections to people
✅ You are working on your passion business but losing yourself in the process
✅ Your relationships are struggling because you are struggling
✅ You feel like you’ve lost yourself
✅ You want balance but don’t know where to start
✅ You want to wake up your inner goddess and shine
✅ You want to pursue all that you are passionate about without sacrificing your family
✅ You want YOU time for you but don’t know how with all the demands on you

For only $199 (that’s less than $17 per class), you receive lifetime access to these classes that will dramatically change how you view self-care and well-being.

This series is FREE to The Sacred Shift membership group and the Purrmaste Oils Team (my essential oil team), links to join in will be on those private Facebook pages.

Well-Being Topics in this Series:

  • Authentic Living – Learn how to be authentically you in your work, relationships, how you live your life and your self-care.
  • Finding Balance – Learn how to create boundaries and find balance if stress is leaving you frazzled.
  • Love Your Body – Learn how mindful movement, mindful eating and self-compassion can help you love and take care of your body.
  • Passion Work – Learn how to find your passion work and pursue it on purpose so that you love the work you do.
  • Abundant Mindset – Learn how to identify a lack mindset, bring on an abundant mindset, work with the Law of Give & Receive, and change your money mindset.
  • Relationships – Learn how to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others that starts with forgiveness.
  • Adventure – Learn how to shift from busyness and infuse more fun in your life.
  • Find Your Tribe – Learn how to find a community of like-energy people that you can feel safe with and be your authentic self.
  • Personal Development – Learn how daily personal development will help you level up in your work and life.
  • Inner Goddess – Learn how to tap into your strong empowered nurturing feminine energy rather than sacrifice yourself to your task list.
  • Service Mindset – Learn how gratitude and a genuine service mindset can activate the Law of Give & Receive for a more fulfilling life
  • Soul Path – Learn how to engage in “soul care” and connect at a soul level for a more purposeful life

If you’re ready to go even deeper, check out my Sacred Shift community where you will learn about total body-mind-spirit well-being and go deep into the energetics of our body and world that influence how we feel.